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At the Church KC, we believe Jesus is everything He says He is: the good shepherd, the true Vine, the great ‘I Am,’ the door of salvation, and this makes us want to praise Him! 

Our worship band is made up of musicians from many backgrounds and generations who are Jesus followers and Jesus investigators. The Bible tells us that all of Creation is made to praise God, and so we are joining the chorus of all he made in singing and playing for his enjoyment. We play popular worship music, along with lesser known songs both old and new.

We become like who we worship.  God is pure love and is worthy of our worship.

The goal of our worship time is to experience the presence of God. We ask that the Lord Jesus comes and send His Spirit into the room and into our lives. Awesome things happen during worship!

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We want you on the team!

If you desire to bring our church into a space of praise and worship, please fill out the form below. It will be sent to our staff!  Our worship leader Reggan has years of experience leading musicians and creating an environment for worshipers to be wholly themselves, and wholly loved.

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