The discipline of saying 'Yes'!

God has been teaching me about how powerful and influential I am!   LOL!  I'm joking!  He has been doing the exact opposite of that!  Isn't it amazing as we age that we discover how little we know?  We find out this by gaining knowledge.  I found out that my children sure do see a lot more than I do about extraordinary things.  There are unique things they know about hugs, love, time, and intimacy that I don't.  
We will get more into that at the end.  For me, the way I enter into their specialized knowledge is through the discipline of a tiny word.  "Yes."  Here is how it works.  "Dad, will you pick me up and carry me to bed?"  Yes.
Will you sit next to me? Yes.  
Can I go with you? Yes.
Will you play with me? Yes.

Trust me; there are times that I want to say No.  I wish I could say that those times were few and far between.  Honestly.  I don't think so.  But if it is at all possible, say 'Yes'! Say 'Yes' even if you don't want to.  Trust me; you will get into it.  The principle of 'yes' works in other areas as well.

I learned about time from great teachers.  I learned about time from doing life too.  But the challenge for me hasn't been controlling my time or monitoring what I wanted to do.  The problem was letting others have a say in what I was going to do.  It's called relationships.  We are changed by our relationships permanently.  Forever changed.  We impact each other.  If we want intimate and life-giving connections, we are going to have to say 'Yes' a lot more.  

Now I'm not talking about the Yes we say to other things.  The Yes we say to our greed is going to have to change if we are going to say Yes to people.  There is a trade we have to make.  But first, we have to figure out what those Yes people and organizations are in our life.  We want to be around them more.  Sit down and think about who in your life will you start saying 'Yes'!  

For me, those people are my family.  Also, it's my church family. Indeed, Jesus is top of the list.  Me saying 'Yes' to my important people starts to answer the 'No' for others.  It's not a hard 'no'.  It's more of an "I wish I could, but I can't." A Soft NO. So who are those people and things we can and should say Yes too?  

The first person on my list I want to say 'Yes' to is Jesus!  Why?  I want to say 'Yes' to him because it's to my benefit.  Come and follow me for my burden is light and my yoke is easy.  I will give you rest.  He is the best thing for me, and all he wants to do is to bless me and not curse me.  So Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times yes!  Yes, I want to serve Jesus at my local church!  Yes, I want to love my family!  Yes, I want to help others and build into them because I get so much in return in my spirit!  Yes, I want to give Jesus my money because he promises to bless me.  Yes to all the good things.  Then we really won't have any room for the bad.  Then the 'No' becomes obvious to us because it's drowned in our life of 'Yes.'

So, will you join me and start to say 'Yes'?!

Pastor Drew
God loves you!

See you this Sunday.  It's going to be a great day!

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