Healing and Deliverance Ministry

Healing and deliverance is intimacy with Jesus.We would love to offer a ministry of prayer to you. All are welcome. We offer prayer and training on the ways of healing prayer as you go through your own healing and deliverance. We want you to share this wonderful ministry with the world.

As Christ-followers, sometimes we have difficulty in growing in our faith and living fruitful lives. Anxiety, depression, fears, unbelief, abuse and different addictions are an everyday reality for many. In churches, pastors often come across people who do not seem to be able to make progress in their Christian journey. This ministry explains how spiritual bonds may have come into our lives through our own sins, through the sins committed against us by others, or down the generations through the sins of our forefathers. Together, with a process of deep inner-healing, the recognition and breaking of these spiritual ties is necessary for us to experience the freedom that Jesus has promised all His followers in His Word. 

Please use this page to connect with Ministers who have been trained in our method of Prayer. The main point of the prayer ministry is to give you an opportunity for intimacy with Jesus. He saves us, heals us, delivers us, and ministers to us.

Email us at healing@churchkc.org for more information and to set up an appointment.