Pass the love to Spout so he can Spout the love to others!

Pass the love to Spout so he can Spout the love to others!

Why would I donate to Spout?
— Everyone asks

Your Donation helps in these ways-

  -Helps Children and Families afford essenial household items and clothing they would normally be unable to afford.  Its why we have    

         our primary location in Urban Kansas City.

  -Helps Children in the juvinelle justice system by providing mentors and a program once they are out of the justice system

  -Helps Children in After school program to combat against negative reading skills which are essential for their future

  -Helps send children to Summer Camps to be inspired to achieve greater things and see a big vision for themselves

  -Helps provide clean water and food to children and families in Malawi

HOW DOES SPOUT DO ALL THAT?!   He partners with the people already doing these things and donates to them.  Spout has partnered with the best people to provide the best care and love to the most vunerable in our city.  So please help Spout and donate to him so he can pass it on.

Donate to Spout Here

13622 W 62nd Street

Shawnee, KS



Do you need a large pick up?

Let us know if you have a garage sale pick up, estate sale pick up, or any multiple family pick up.  Also if we are the area we can accommodate if the spout sprays your way!

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